80 Free Photoshop Pressed Styles

80 Free Pressed Photoshop Styles

80 Free Pressed Layer Styles

This is an exclusive free Photoshop layer style!
Only on Photoshoplayerstyle.com!
Give your text or object a pressed look with this free Photoshop style!

1 ASL with 80 one click pressed styles

Works best with all fonts!

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The styles from Photoshoplayerstyle.com are free to use for any project!

Your not allowed to sell or host the styles of photoshoplayerstyle.com. (you can host the style with a link to our download.)

Please credit us and spread the word if you use the styles. 🙂


How to use this style:

Open the ASL file.
(Double click on the ASL file or go to Window – Styles – Styles Menu – Load Styles)

Change the size and Scale the effect

Right click on the folder layer of the Sticker Style and choose “Convert to Smart Object” and resize to your format with Transform (Ctrl+T) or Go to “Image – Image Size” put in your size and keep the “Scale Styles” checked.

Scale the effect

Go to the layer you’re working with and right click on the fx
Then choose “Scale Effect”
Now scale the effect till it looks good for you.

Author Designercow

I'm a graphic designer and love to make photoshop layer styles. Visit my portfolio at Graphicriver

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