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Photoshoplayerstyle is a website for layer style lovers.
It was made to share photoshop layer styles for free

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My name is Michael ( Designercow ) and I live in Amsterdam Netherlands
I have a job as a Graphic Designer.

You can check our portfolio on Graphicriver here

One of my biggest hobby is Photoshop and making text styles with it.
I spend a lot of time making designs and layer styles with this program.
That’s why I started Photoshoplayerstyle.com
I’m really enjoying to share my layer styles for free and get feedback and positive reactions.

Some statics and info about photoshoplayerstyle.com

photoshoplayerstyle.com is founded by me Designercow (Michael) in October 2011
photoshoplayerstyle.com has about 2000 visitors a day
Google pagerank is 2/10

Most downloaded layer style is Chrome Styles 2
Most viewed layer style is Chrome Styles 2
Favourite layer style is Fabric Styles

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